*The Napkin - Deluxe Cocktail Napkin


*The Napkin - Deluxe Cocktail Napkin


The Napkin - Deluxe Cocktail Napkin

Package of 20 single-use napkins, plus one sample napkin. The Napkin products provide the look and feel of cloth with the ease of disposable. A classic touch to any table setting. The Napkin arrives packaged in a signature box that doubles as a napkin dispenser.

European Standard Size - 25 x 25 cm

Designed in Switzerland.  Made in Italy. 

Style: white











Founded in 1992, Françoise Paviot’s napkins are made of high-quality, non-woven materials. Soft yet firm, they closely resemble fabric, and offer a stylish hybrid between textile and paper tableware. Designed and manufactured in Lyons, France.

Each package contains 20 napkins 

size - 25x25 cm 



Swiss design 

Made in Italy 

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