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Designs Are Underway...

blogDorothy Vannan

We are well into February and our store designs are coming together.

We have had lots of changes as to the shape of the space and overall design, but we are ironing out any bumps so the store has a beautiful look and feel.

I recently returned from a buying trip to Toronto, and it was very successful. I found many new and very beautiful items for the store and met some wonderful people along the way. I guess I am pretty lucky to have such a great team behind me on this new chapter of my life.
I have to say a big Thank you to Allison who hosted me along with an 8 weeks old Wheaten Terrier puppy, Mabel. We managed very well, and accomplished all but paper training for Mabel (its coming along I hear).

I will be traveling to a show in Chicago to complete my purchasing in March, and hope to start on the physical part of the store soon into May. I will keep you informed as we gear up for our store opening
Summer 2016.

Thank you all, for the support and kind words you have said and emailed to me.

With care