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Dorothy Vannan

Welcome again to our Graceful Blog!

We are so thrilled to have so many of you join us for our monthly updates. We Welcome YOU !

I have been traveling the country to look for unique and wonderful products to make our launch in the summer the best Winnipeg has seen in years. I have been so very lucky to have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful partners and suppliers along my journey.

I have recently found a beautiful line of Pewter accessories from Italy, a lovely addition to any table setting. The company offers many styles but the one I fell in love with is the dinner wear collection (imagine fine bone china with a pewter edge, have not seen anything like it).

However, in my travels I have discovered that customer service is a dying art. I have always said, less is more. But give 150% to the details and treatment of your customers.

I will be attending my last trade show in a few days and hope to complete the collection.

I again thank you for your support and hope to see you soon in the store.

With care