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April Showers Bring Us May Flowers

blogDorothy Vannan

Spring is here (minus the snow) and our new space is now in possession!

556 Academy Road is currently under demolition and renovations will be underway shortly by Cibinel Architecture. Our designs are going for tender soon and are sure to be beautiful!

One of the fun things about this project is getting to test some of the products. As the weather changes, I've found comfort in a line of plant-based body care called Northlore. This bath and body line is seasonally wildcrafted from the forests and prairie grasslands of the Great North and use loacally sources raw ingredients and homegrown botanicals. Through time-honoured folk techniques, Northlore's natural and sustainable body care will be a welcomed eco-friendly addition to the body products carried through Grace & Company.

Image courtesy

Image courtesy

As I sort through my mountain of papers, this is finally all starting to look real. Keep staying connected for updates (Instagram, FB) on some of the wonderful new products I've been adding to the collection.

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