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Welcoming 2018!

Dorothy Vannan

What will 2018 bring? The Grace & Company team has decided to adopt the Danish concept of Hygge as a way of doing business for the next 12 months. We want to embrace simplicity, comfort, care, quality and connection to our families, friends and community. This year, we will welcome a new outlook, as well as look forward to some positive changes for 2018!

Our biggest change is the introduction of our new store manager, Catherine Chatterly.  She embodies everything Grace & Co. values: creativity, classic style, and attention to detail. We are looking forward to embracing and welcoming her this year with you all. 

This year, we will focus on the many aspects of Hygge and feature them on our blog throughout the next 12 months. In Canada we tend to refer to Hygge as hominess: a state of coziness at home surrounded by happiness and comfort.  Hominess very much implies a feeling of authenticity, warmth, togetherness and community. As you know, Grace & Co. is a lifestyle store, and the concept of Hygge fits perfectly with our philosophy of curating a graceful life. 

As well, I will be traveling once again, scouting out new items for the store and finding exclusive and unique products I know our clients will very much enjoy. Thank you to all who have supported us in 2017! Your patronage means everything to us as a local store. We hope to continue to bring you exceptional products and service in the next year

Cheers to 2018!


Hygge Essentials

Candles   (we've got you covered with our Scandinavian line.)

Chocolate (we carry Decadence Chocolates!)
Tea (our English Teas will delight you.)    
A good book (our cook book collection will not disappoint.)



Woolen socks

Warm sweaters

A notebook  (our collection of notebooks are perfect!)

Favourite blanket (our exclusive European blankets will keep you toasty.)

Pen & paper


Photo album