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Dorothy Vannan

Spring is here! The first sign? If you’re in Winnipeg…it’s definitely the geese arriving in droves. The second sign? All of our new spring products arriving in the shop! We’re so excited to the boutique buzzing with activity, and also to welcome back our beloved Robyn from her winter holidays — she was missed by us!

Spring to me has always been a great opportunity for changes. Whether it’s a simple rearrangement of the furniture, swapping all the winter gear for warmer duds, or decluttering the house, any small change can make a huge positive impact. 

As for some fresh new products, we’re so happy to have a brand new selection of Manitoba maple boards, locally made by our favourite Field Day Goods. These boards are inspired from vintage farm house cheese and bread boards, but can be used for anything you like. 


We’re also proud to carry Seedlip - the first ever non alcoholic distilled line of spirits! The perfect spring refreshment ingredient, Seedlip has the same flavour intensity as spirits but without any of the alcohol! We love their recipe for the Seedlip Garden Booch:


  • 1.8oz (50ml) Seedlip Garden

  • Passion Fruit Kombucha (or any flavour you like.


  • Over ice, add 1.8oz (50ml) of Seedlip Garden

  • Top off with Passion Fruit Kombucha.

  • Garnish with mint and enjoy! 

Grace & Co. Kids

And, if you haven’t already heard the news, we are so excited to be announcing our new kids collection! To stay up-to-date on all the latest product announcements, upcoming launch events (!) and more, email us to be added to this new kids-exclusive mailing list! 

Happy spring!